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As from time to time some of my gig posters sell out and I claim this happens also because of the image, I deided to work again with some of the art works.

Here we have smaller solutions for those of you with less wall-space left:

All four images of the 24x32-SERIES like
are printed in open editions - signed, but not numbered.
A stamp on the back shows the year of the edition.

"STARS" (2021) / "CHUNK (2018)" / "MC FLY (2018)":
handprinted on 300g vanilla cream uncoated board
24 x 32 cm / aprox. 9.4"x 12.6"

"SODA" (2018):
handprinted on 1.5mm Finnpappe
24 x 32 cm / aprox. 9.4"x 12.6"

Choose one or grab the whole set of 4 (with a little discount)!

single Mini-Prints ship as letter,
framed Mini-Prints ship as DHL-package