(variant #4)

Coming soon
LA ULTIMA OLA <br>(variant #4)

"LA ULTIMA OLA" (variant #4)
Art-Print (40 x 50 cm)

This is a new & limited "variant #4"-version of LA ULTIMA OLA!
Instead of a pure berry-red sky here it is a split-fountain (Irisdruck) combined of berry-red into orange.
It's also different to the previous "variant #1" in these details:
- a lighter dark-blue framing
- a softer water-surface
- new sky-constellation

COMING SOON(available from July 2024)

"LA ULTIMA OLA" is an artwork with elements you might recognize if your familiar with my work. I used a similar wave like this one on a poster-series for a Munich Performance-Festival a few years back. It's no secret that this wave is inspired by that one very famous... And also the background is based on a technique I love to use: scratched and then scanned.

Nevertheless: a beautiful illustration and three colour handpulled screenprint.
The title by the way is a hommage: from the late 1990's to the mid 2000's a friend of mine connected munich bands for a CD-compilation and several concerts under the name "LA ULTIMA OLA". So this is also in loving memory to Klaus Götzfried.

3 screens
printed on vanilla cream uncoated 300g
40 x 50 cm / approx. 15.7" x 19.7"
signed & numbered limited edition of 40

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Illustration, design & screenprint:
Señor Burns