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New 2021-edition printed & ready for order!

Over the years I was more and more reflected with people asking for smaller formats since almost everyone seems to run out of walls...

Here you go:
- 18 x 24 cm / aprox. 7.1" x 9.4"

The image of "KUTTER" is easily recognizable as my well-known gig poster for SPIRIT FEST. It's also recognizable as the ALTE UTTING, a former ship riding the AMMERSEE close to Munich, that was transferred onto an old railway bridge in Munich and is a nice spot now for having a beer or a snack outside.

Not just me, but also many people mentioned on this print, how they love the ship, the whole arrangement, the colours.
And what can I say: me too!
So I decided to help those of you, preferring the small beauties...

Print only - or with frame - make your choice!
Both options available below.


3 screens (1 split-fountain)
handprinted on semi-rough warm white 300g

18 x 24 cm / aprox. 7.1" x 9.4"
2nd edition 2021 of 100, signed, stamp & numbered on the back

single Mini-Prints ship as letter,
framed Mini-Prints ship as DHL-package