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LA ULTIMA OLA<br>(mini-/midi-print)


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Over the years I was more and more reflected with people asking for smaller formats since almost everyone seems to run out of walls...

Here you go and not only with one, but with two different sizes:
- MINI - 18 x 24 cm / aprox. 7.1" x 9.4"
- MIDI - 24 x 32 cm / aprox. 9.4" x 12.6"

"LA ULTIMA OLA" is a totally new artwork, but with elements you might recognize if your familiar with my work. I used a similar wave like this one on a poster-series for a Munich Performance-Festival a few years back. It's no secret that this wave is inspired by that one very famous... And also the background is based on a technique I love to use: scratched and then scanned.

Nevertheless: a beautiful illustration and three colour handpulled screenprint.
The title by the way is a hommage: from the late 1990's to the mid 2000's a friend of mine connected munich bands for a CD-compilation and several concerts under the name "LA ULTIMA OLA". So this is also in loving memory to Klaus Götzfried.


3 screens
handprinted on vanilla cream 300g

(MINI) 18 x 24 cm / aprox. 7.1" x 9.4"
3rd edition 2021 of 100, signed & numbered

(MIDI) 24 x 32 cm / aprox. 9.4"x 12.6"
2nd edition 2020 of 55, signed & numbered

single Mini-Prints ship as letter,
framed Mini-Prints ship as DHL-package